2021 Honoree: PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)

Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS) exists to expand access to sustainably delivered, quality secondary education across Africa and works towards a world where all children are able to unlock their full potential. In Africa, there are not enough affordable, quality secondary schools, especially in rural areas. PEAS uses funding to build schools in areas where, each year, hundreds of children complete primary school but have no secondary school available to them.Read More

2021 Honoree: The Luminos Fund

The Luminos Fund provides transformative education programs to thousands of out-of-school children, helping them to catch up to grade level, reintegrate into local schools, and prepare for lifelong learning. Luminos was founded to ensure children everywhere get a chance to experience joyful learning, especially those denied an education by crisis, poverty, and discrimination. Their vision is of a world where no child is ever denied the chance to learn.Read More

2020 Honoree: Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future works with farmers to end hunger, poverty, and land degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through frequent, on the ground agroforestry training and seed distribution, it empowers rural communities to restore soil and tree cover, increase incomes, and increase access to food and nutrition.Read More

2017 Honoree: We Care Solar

We Care Solar makes portable, cost-effective Solar suitcases that power critical lighting, mobile communication devices and medical devices in low-resource areas without reliable electricity.Read More

2016 Honoree: Hope Enterprise

Hope Enterprise is a community development financial institution that provides a substantial number of low-wealth people and communities with the financial tools and resources needed to achieve a better quality of life.Read More