2022 Honoree: Yamba Malawi

Yamba Malawi is dedicated to ending childhood poverty through an innovative child-focused poverty graduation model. Yamba Malawi transforms children’s lives by empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty. With community-led programs centered around childhood wellbeing, building sustainable businesses, and financial management, our program supports caregivers to launch their own businesses, move out of extreme poverty, and invest in their children’s futures by improving access to food, health, education, protection, and care. Yamba Malawi is building new beginnings for children, and lasting change for their communities.Read More

2022 Honoree: Make A Difference

MAD works to mobilize volunteer leaders to provide equitable life outcomes for the abandoned and invisible children of India. MAD works to empower these children through developmental relationships and support, by improving the ecosystem around the child, and by enabling the larger sector, so children are able to live a life free from exploitation and are capable of managing emotional and financial life crises, and ultimately able to live a decent and sustainable middle-class life that promotes them to break the cycle of poverty and abandonment.Read More

2022 Winner: CDD Society

CDD Society works in Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, and Nepal to innovate, demonstrate and disseminate decentralized nature-based solutions for the conservation, collection, treatment and reuse of water resources and management of sanitation facilities; and to deliver technical expertise grounded within the socio-economic context, through consulting, training and capacity building of government and non-government agencies, communities and other stakeholders in the water and sanitation ecosystem; and to be a workplace of choice for talent interested in social and environmental impact to develop future leaders for the ecosystem.Read More