2022 Winner: CDD Society

CDD Society works in Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, and Nepal to innovate, demonstrate and disseminate decentralized nature-based solutions for the conservation, collection, treatment and reuse of water resources and management of sanitation facilities; and to deliver technical expertise grounded within the socio-economic context, through consulting, training and capacity building of government and non-government agencies, communities and other stakeholders in the water and sanitation ecosystem; and to be a workplace of choice for talent interested in social and environmental impact to develop future leaders for the ecosystem.Read More

2021 Winner: EarthEnable

EarthEnable offers rural families affordable, green solutions to the unsanitary homes which continually jeopardize their health. Their model is centered around leveraging the demand for sanitary housing already present in local villages and the knowledge of earthen solutions amongst local construction workers. By using a micro-franchise business model, they empower local masons to become entrepreneurs who offer affordable housing solutions to their community. Read More

2020 Winner: Sanku

Sanku scales technology and business solutions that put critical nutrients into the food that hundreds of millions of malnourished people eat the most. Sanku installs their patented dosifier which provides small-scale fortification, adding a precise amount of critical nutrients to flour.Read More