2014 Honoree: Not for Sale


Primary Area of Impact: Human Rights
Geographic Areas: North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia
Year Founded: 2008
Website: www.notforsalecampaign.org


Human trafficking and modern slavery are terms that describe the plight of over 30 million individuals living in the world today. Not for Sale’s mission is to create a world where no one is for sale. We stand with those who are enslaved, work across divisions to free them and bring life-enhancing opportunities to break the cycle of vulnerability. Across four international project locations worldwide, Not for Sale equips and empowers survivors of human trafficking and vulnerable individuals through services of stability and restoration, tools for education and professional development and opportunities for future dignified work.

Social Challenge

At the core of Not for Sale’s international projects model is the conviction that long-term freedom is centered on an individual’s tools for self-empowerment, access to rights, education and income-generating skills that can directly lead to improved economic opportunities and break the cycle of vulnerability. To this end, we equip and empower exploited and vulnerable communities by bringing life-enhancing jobs and access to the global marketplace through healthy supply chains.

Not For Sale addresses the needs of trafficking victims and at-risk populations through a 3-stage approach:

  • Stage I) Stability & Safety: This step is essential in stabilizing individuals who have endured a traumatic past. Stage I involves providing shelter, food, healthcare, and legal services to create a safe environment capable of fostering opportunities for a stable future.
  • Stage II) Life Skills & Job Training: Once stabilized, NFS seeks to equip survivors and at-risk communities with basic skills to prepare individuals for sustainable long-term opportunities. Stage II involves formal and informal education, professional and vocational training, resume writing, job preparation, leadership training, and mentorship.
  • Stage III) Dignified Work & Sustainable Future: NFS prevents and protects vulnerable individuals and communities from human trafficking by creating employment opportunities in at-risk communities. To do so, we seek to either establish social enterprises or partner with local companies to bring dignified and sustainable employment opportunities for survivors and in at-risk communities.


Not for Sale has supported over 3600 men, women, and children out of situations of exploitation in over 50 countries, of whom approximately 68% are female and 86% are below the age of 25.

1/3 of survivors are individuals rescued from the sex trade and a less but still significant percentage are rescued from forced begging and bonded labor.

In 2012, 302 individuals from 46 countries were rescued from the hands of traffickers and supported through recovery and rehabilitation services. Other accomplishments in 2012 include:

  • 205 individuals were supported through legal advocacy
  • NFS provided 5,701 total services to 1,450 beneficiaries
  • 453 individuals enrolled in formal education and overall, Not For Sale’s education services scaled by over 230% from 2011 to 2012.
  • 324 individuals enrolled in skill-development programs, a 125% increase from 2011.
  • 155 individuals entered long-term dignified employment or established the tools to develop their own business.