2022 Honoree: Yamba Malawi


Primary Area of Impact: Poverty  and Hunger Alleviation
Geographic Areas: Malawi
Year Founded: 2006
Website: www.yambamalawi.org


Yamba Malawi’s vision is a world where strong, self-reliant communities build brighter futures for children. Our goal is to end extreme childhood poverty in Malawi through a holistic, empowering, and sustainable approach to childhood wellbeing, business, and financial inclusion. In the next five to ten years, we would like to see our evidence base inform the adaptation of our model at a national scale, and also inspire the adaptation of a child-focused poverty graduation approach in other countries where children live in extreme poverty.

Social Challenge

To ensure we are reaching Malawi’s most vulnerable children, our Childhoods & Livelihoods Program focuses on childhood wellbeing, sustainable businesses, and financial management at both the community and household levels. At the community level, we partner with local Community Based Organizations to uplift efforts and provide sustainable resources that address children’s immediate needs. At the household level, we empower caregivers to build long-term solutions that help break the cycle of poverty, have a ripple effect in the community, and ultimately ensure the next generation does not face the same challenges.

In order to deliver their products, they hire and train unemployed and underemployed masons, enabling them to increase their incomes while serving their communities. All of their materials are locally sourced and adapted based on what is available in the area, which means their solution is widely scalable across geographies. They are in 13 districts in Rwanda and 3 in Uganda and have been scaling rapidly in recent years. In 2019 alone, they achieved 150% growth and served 10,282 individuals.


  • Welcomed the Coca-Cola Foundation, the David Weekley Family Foundation, and the Adventure Project as partners
  • Launced an ambitious three-year plan to raise $10M to reach an additional 100,000 children
  • Welcomed 11 new members of our team in Malawi
  • Were featured in PBS Newshour and BBC NewsDay