Eligibility Draft

We encourage organizations from around the globe to apply. We look for organizations that have already received some attention for having an innovative and/or effective model, with a focused mission and set of programs leading to a unified goal. While the organization should be building a track record of success, it may not yet have gained significant recognition. For the winner, this prize brings its work to a larger audience, attracts new potential donors, and provides resources that will help scale the work or improve organizational sustainability. Organizations do not necessarily have to operate outside of their home country to win the Prize. We also equally encourage applicants serving areas of North America to apply along with those from other regions of the globe.

The Lipman Family Prize is targeted toward organizations addressing social and economic issues that are usually addressed by the Nonprofit/NGO/Civil Society sector. As a result, the majority of organizations that apply are considered “nonprofit” organizations. In recognition of variations in international law, as well as organizational innovations occurring globally (e.g., social enterprises, for-benefit corporations, and 4th sector organizations), organizations not considered traditional nonprofits are also encouraged to apply.

Over the past three years, applicants that have reached the semifinalist stage (top 10-15 organizations) have represented by a wide range of organizational profiles, with these statistical centers:

Median Organizational Budget: $1.5 million

Median Organizational Age: 10 years

These numbers are not to be used as hard criteria, but along with our honoree profiles provide a sense of the types of organizations that apply to the Lipman Family Prize. We do request that organizations with an annual budget of less than $500,000 USD or more than $10 million USD and/or in existence for fewer than three years email lipmanprize@wharton.upenn.edu to confirm their eligibility prior to completing an application. In addition, all past Lipman Family Prize honorees are inelegible to apply, as are semifinalists from the previous application year. 

Important Dates

July 14, 2017
Online Application Opens

August 14, 2017 (5:00 PM EDT)
Application Submission Deadline

October 2017
Phase 1 Notification

March 2018
Honorees Announced

April 2018
Winner Announced, Award Ceremony