Beacon Evaluation Criteria

The Beacon Awards will reward and highlight organizations that demonstrate collaboration and leadership in the sharing of knowledge to realize greater social or environmental impact. The Awards are intended to highlight both past achievements and future potential:

Looking backward, the Awards will recognize how recipients have expanded their impact since their original awarding of the Lipman Family Prize.

Looking forward, the Awards will recognize recipients that have high potential for and strong intentions to further collaborate and share their approaches.

The Beacon Awards will be awarded based on four criteria:

  1. EVIDENCE OF IMPACT — Evidence of continuing positive social impact since being named a Lipman Family Prize honoree.
  2. LEADERSHIP CULTURE — Leadership demonstrated through intentional action at all levels within the organization to effectively execute the mission and ensure organizational sustainability.
  3. EVIDENCE OF COLLABORATION — Evidence of knowledge sharing, partnership, and collaboration with other entities in order to achieve greater social impact and contribute to the social sector.
  4. POTENTIAL FOR EXPANDED SOCIAL IMPACT — Clear vision, plans and potential for collaboration and knowledge sharing leveraging the organization’s expertise and learnings for the betterment of the social impact sector.