Barry & Marie Lipman


(l to r) Elyse, Marie and Barry Lipman

“Our goals for the prize are to expand the benefits of social impact organizations using competition to identify and reward excellence, to inspire Penn students to enter the field, and to facilitate the transfer of successful methods of operation to other organizations.”
Barry Lipman, W ’70


Barry & Marie Lipman
Barry and Marie Lipman have served their San Francisco community as philanthropists, board members, and volunteers deeply involved in the social sector for more than 25 years. With sweat equity and strategic leadership they both have contributed directly to the sustainable growth of several nonprofits in the Bay Area. The Homeless Prenatal Program and San Francisco Zoological Society are just two groups benefitting from the Lipmans’ generous support.
A commitment to the greater social good is what led Barry, W’70, and Marie to create this prize. The global nature of the prize and its focus on knowledge dissemination align perfectly with the institutional assets and goals of the University of Pennsylvania. It is here, at Barry’s alma mater, they are building a lasting legacy of societal contribution through collective learning.