Application Questions

During Phase 1 of the application process organizations will be asked to answer the following essay questions. We encourage applicant organizations to begin preparing your responses in advance of the online submission period. The application will also contain short questions regarding the organization’s financials, operations, and other program information.

Social Challenge:

  1. What is the social challenge your work addresses? Describe the social challenge in the locations your work serves, including the scale of the problem, root cause of the challenge, populations affected, contextual factors (i.e. cultural, environmental) and the target population. (400 words)
  2. What is the global relevance of this social challenge? How is it experienced in multiple geographies or populations? Please elaborate beyond the scope of your work and include relevant data. (400 words)

Model Description:

  1. How does your work address this social challenge? Describe your program or service model. Be sure to include the following elements: intended impact for those you serve; details on program structure, activities, and duration; and key partnerships you employ in the delivery of your model. (400 words)
  2. What are the challenges and potential risks of your service model? (400 words)

Model Differentiation:

  1. Why have you chosen this model? What client needs, research, best practices and/or experiences have informed its design? What is key to the model’s success? (400 words)
  2. What differentiates your service model from others in your field? For example, how is its design or implementation novel? (400 words)

Impact Measurement:

  1. How do you define and measure the impact of your work? How do you capture and evaluate data related to your service goals? Please describe your methodology as well as your key metrics for success. (400 words)
  2. What results has your work produced to date? What program insights have come from your evaluation and reporting processes? (400 words)